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Development of Finance – Credit Loans                                                                                                                         image3

Our financing program is oriented towards rural women with a particular emphasis on enhancing their entrepreneurship.  Even though our model encourages women to work in small groups or cooperatives, the loans are provided to individual women but not without making sure that their individual success will impact their families and their communities in general. Our role is to provide the women with the working capital they need to start and develop their activities. Short term and long term loans are offered as adapted to the specificities of the projects. Three main types of activities have been identified and considered in our funding policy:

  • The trade initiatives
  • The animal rearing initiatives
  • The manufactural or raw products transformation initiatives

Savings Account Service: Our Autonomy Policy

The main purpose of the Savings Account Service is to secure the women’s cash revenues and also to build progressively the autonomy and sustainability of TilgrY. We provide short term and long term savings services.

Technical and Material Support

We cannot just provide the money to the women and expect them to go and make it profitable, as we operate in a context of illiteracy and limited documented knowledge in management. Beyond the financial support, we empower the women with a package of solutions including operational and managerial techniques, constant training, networking and business development. We provide training in fields such as rural entrepreneurship, management-for-profit, innovative techniques and practices in agriculture, trading, animals rearing, raw products processing, marketing, and improved livestock etc.